Czech Literary Studies and the Institute of Czech Literature, CAS

PhDr. Kateřina Piorecká, Ph.D., Ing. Pavel Janáček, Ph.D. (Ústav pro českou literaturu)

Every year over seventeen thousand book titles are published in the Czech Republic. According to a statistical survey of reading by Jiří Trávníček and his colleagues from the Institute of Czech Literature, CAS, and the Czech National Library, 84% of the Czech population reads at least one book a year, while each of these readers annually reads an average of twelve titles and spends 33 minutes every day reading. In the average Czech household the bookcase has 250 books, many of which come under the heading of fiction or literature. This may well come to just one quarter of all titles on the book market, but it represents over two thirds of everything that people in the Czech Republic read.

Do we know what we are reading? Can we find our bearings among all this book output? Do we really understand what literature is?