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Rich Dad's Before You Quit Your Job

Rich Dad's Before You Quit Your Job


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One of the basic tenets of the Rich Dad philosophy is to make the jump from employee to boss. This is the book that shows you how to make that leap - in 10 easy steps. Everyone in business knows that you won't ever achieve great wealth by being an employee. The real secret to making money and reaching financial independence is to start your own company and develop it quickly. Millions of aspiring entrepreneurs are already convinced that this is the way to go - but they just don't know how to take those first few steps. In BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR JOB, Robert Kiyosaki presents first-hand accounts of his own start-up companies and how he learned from both his failures and his successes. Along the way he explains the basics of: * How to determine if your idea is a good one * How to write a solid business plan and where to find Othe People's Money to help finance the idea * How to incorporate yourself for business and tax purposes * How to help you find key advisors to help develop your concept * How to best launch your product or service.

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